Our energetic defense mechanisms

In the same way we have physical defense mechanisms and psychological defense mechanisms, we also have energetic defense mechanisms.

Physical defense mechanisms are designed to protect you. When you are about to get punched in the stomach, your stomach automatically contracts. The same with any other body part.

Psychological defense mechanisms can be a bit more complicated but many of them work the same way. You hide or retract if you are psychologically uncomfortable. Such as the so-called shy person.

Energetic defense mechanisms work very much like that. Your energy contracts if it senses danger or an uncomfortable situation.

It’s perfectly normal to have the energy of your chest contracting if someone is breaking up with you. You are not physically in danger (no one is going to hit you, or at least in most situations), yet, you can feel a deep contraction – often physical, but always energetically – in your chest (and, more often than not, in other places).

That’s the way our physical body, energetic body and emotional body work. If you are threatened they contract. If you are relaxed, they expand.

The problem is when you start to associate many situations around you, that are perfectly safe, as dangerous or uncomfortable. You’ll start to have many contracting energy centers and even muscles.

These contractions make your magnetism retreat and contract as well. Instead of being expansive, it starts to reduce. Hence, no magnetism, and people won’t feel you.

It’s a malfunction – or an over zealous function – of your energy system. There’s no danger, but you’re still contracting.

Sometimes, maybe physically everything is right (you don’t feel any muscular contractions) but energetically something is wrong – some important part of you is contracting.

That’s why you need to learn how to tell your energy system to relax. The more aware you are of your energy system, the more you can let go of all these energy contractions.

That’s what we do in the Unblocking Process. The goal is to learn where these contractions are taking place more often so that you can let go of them. It’s to know yourself on a deep level to be able to finally expand your magnetism, instead of contracting it.

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