Overcoming Addictions

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Can the inner power course help with overcoming addictions?”

Addiction can be considered as an automatic craving you feel that forces you either to smoke a cigarette, or to use some chemical, or to keep playing a game, among many others.

Trying to overcome it with the traditional “Victorian Will Power” where you just force yourself not to do it, can be hazardous where you’ll repress the urge and will over-indulge on your object of addiction after a while.

That’s why traditional diets are bound to fail, at least until you are convinced in changing your diet on a more permanent basis as opposed to stick with a diet for a few weeks.

The 10 Steps to Inner Power training has specific videos and instructions for addictions, in a way that avoids that repressive use of the “Victorian Will Power”.

So naturally it helps to overcome addictions – considering that you also want to develop your personal magnetism and overall inner power.

Otherwise, if that’s of no interest to you, then it’s like using an atomic bomb to kill an ant. No need to go through all this training just to stop smoking.

This is a training to develop yourself, your own inner power and personal magnetism. Stopping an addiction is simply one part of it, not the whole training.

To start your training in personal magnetism and inner power use the course:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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