Overcoming Sexual Addiction

Here’s an interesting question from a student:“Can you please explain how to overcome the problem of sexual addiction?”

Sexual addiction like any other addiction needs to be controlled for it not to leak your energy.

The “secret” to controlling it is in awareness.

The problem with any addiction is that you feel an urge and you forget about everything else and just go fulfill that urge. Whether it’s related to sexual addiction, food, gambling, etc the process is the same.

What you want to AVOID is to repress it or “endure it”. The traditional use of your “will power” is not useful in this situation.

This “will power” only causes more negative stress and often repression.

Think about what happens in traditional dieting. People often spend a few weeks repressing their food urges (for sugar, fat, oily stuff, etc), only to indulge in it much more after their diet is over, regaining all the weight they had lost before, and often even more.

Traditional Will power is rarely the cure in these situations. Or at least, it’s certainly the hardest way to go for it.

While awareness over the energy of the urge can be the key.

All these urges have a specific energy, a specific feeling that arises in your body.

Knowing what that is and being aware of what’s happening can be much more efficient than simply resisting it.

There’s a specific process for handling your addictions and desires in the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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