Permanently eliminate your limitations and resistance

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Does the The Unblocking Process helps to release subconsciously perceived limitations and resistance about ourselves?”

It’s important that we know how these kind of limitations and resistances work, or at least, how they manifest.

When we have a limitation or a resistance to a certain situation or event, we get a feeling that something doesn’t feel quite right.

Maybe we feel bad or negative about it.

That’s why we say we have a limitation. It’s like we can’t do a certain activity because of this bad feeling.

But “bad feeling” is a very general term.

This “bad feeling” manifests itself in some way in your body. Most people don’t really notice this, but if you have the tiny bit of bodily awareness, you’ll notice that it has a very concrete manifestation.

Maybe it’s a tightening of your stomach. Maybe it’s raise in your body heat. Maybe it’s a quickening of your heart rate. Or a tension in your chest. Usually it’s a combination of different elements on different degrees of intensity.

But it’s not just a vague bad feeling. That’s what individuals with low awareness feel. Some feelings lumped together that make them feel bad.

When you have awareness, you can pinpoint very easily what exactly is happening.

This is usually the first manifestation of your resistance. Then your mind will react to this uncomfortable feeling also in different ways.

Maybe it’s by trying to avoid the situation you are resisting (finding excuses not to do) or by closing yourself down in that situation in order to protect yourself.

Either way, it could be a perfectly neutral situation, yet your mind considers it life threatening or negative because of this bodily reaction. And the same resistance usually has the same (or at least similar) bodily feelings each time.

The mental reaction usually comes after. Or sometimes, the mind already anticipates the negative bodily reaction to avoid it.

But where do they come from?

Usually from childhood (although it can also be from traumatic events from adulthood).

When you were a child, you couldn’t really express yourself and you weren’t very good at controlling your emotions. That’s normal.

So you used the only way you knew how: your body and energy. That is the most unconscious and intuitive way. You weren’t aware of, but you started creating this bodily and energetic reactions to different situations.

You started understanding that certain situations would be threatening to you, so you would tense the pit of your stomach as a way to protect yourself.

Repeat this over and over again during some years, and you got yourself these unconscious bodily and energetic reactions.

So you start to associate certain events, situations or thoughts, to these bodily states.

It’s very easy to understand this experientially. Just notice what happens in your body when you feel any resistance kicking in. Maybe it’s in a social situation or a date. What happens?

Then notice the very next time you are in a similar situation.

My prediction: the bodily and energetic reaction will be very similar.

What we do in The Unblocking Process is: initially getting the awareness of your body and energy – if you can’t feel it precisely, it’s hard to do anything with it. And secondly, de-condition your body and energy of these reactions.

You go step by step, body part by body part, and using a special process, infuse it with energy, de-conditioning your habitual responses.

So it’s all done on the energetic/bodily way and not psychologically. In other words, you’ll release your resistances but you won’t necessarily be aware of the psychological memories that caused them – although often times, memories of past situations and events can pop up.

The Unblocking Process it’s a very efficient protocol to de-condition your body and energy from your habitual reactions and limitations.

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