Your personal energy beacon

Whether you consciously know it or not, you are constantly emitting and projecting energy to the outside world.

There’s always a beacon of energy emitting 24h a day from you.

For the large majority of population, this beacon of energy is unconscious.

In general, people have no idea what they are projecting.

They may have a general idea based on the responses and feedback they get from other people and the overall image they project.

But it’s not based on their understanding of their own energy and how this projection takes place.

Just on external reactions.

Once you understand your internal energy and what you are projecting, you can control it and change it to the energy that you prefer. For example, you can change an overall neutral or negative energy quality (that generates feeling of repulsion or isolation) to a sexual energy (that generates feeling of sexual attraction).

But this can only be done when you understand both the energy and the projection.

A very common scenario is developing and working with an energy type – let’s say sexual energy – and then completely blocking all the outside projections of it.

In other words, you can identify and control it very well but only inside of you. When the time comes to let others feel it, you block it.

As you can imagine, this will only have a limited impact on the outside world. You may have some impact, but most of that precious “energy juice” gets stuck only inside of you.

As good as that may be, you will probably not feel very glad if you see no sexual reactions in your interactions.

So remember, you may be a Bruce Lee of energy work in your own individual alone practice, but to have the full experience, you also need to let it flow into the world.

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