Personal magnetism and breathing?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“How is personal magnetism related to the breathing?”

Personal Magnetism is not particularly related to the breathing.

In other words, you can be magnetic without ever doing a single breathing exercise.

But… if you are a Charisma School student, most likely you’ve seen and practice several breathing exercises that we’ve recommended in some trainings.

Why is that?

Why would I recommend breathing exercises if they are not essential to being magnetic?

The same way I recommend any other exercise: sometimes it’s the faster and/or better route to your destination.

In other times, they can be simply a distraction. So we use them in a surgical way in specific times and trainings.

For example, you’ll notice that the Vitality and Energy Training has very few breathing exercises. The reason is simple: on that course you want to develop your energy awareness by itself, only through your Will. No aids, no crutches.

Yes, it’s harder but it gives you a very powerful control over your energetic body and your own magnetism. It forces a development of your perception organs and your own Will that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Much more than if you are dependent upon certain breathing exercises to get there.

Imagine that each time you want to raise your arm up, you would need to breathe a certain way. Not very convenient. Instead, you learned to simply Will it and the arm goes up.

It’s a similar scenario here.

With this awareness and training, you won’t need any other crutch to get you to move energy and to get to a certain energetic state, you simply Will it like you would to move an arm up.

On the other hand, on the Magnetic Gaze training the goal is to get you to have magnetic eyes and energy the fastest route possible. So we do use breathing coupled with energy exercises to get there.

Hence, breathing in itself is not related to being magnetic, but it’s often used as an aid to get there. You can elicit certain energetic states faster with breathing, that’s why it’s heavily used in yoga and other mystical traditions.

Now, the secret is to treat breathing exercises – as well as all the others – as tools that fit a purpose, and not as an end in themselves.

Breathing exercises, Will exercises, Energy exercises, Gaze exercises, Awareness exercises… they are all useful and fit specific purposes in the whole personal magnetism training.

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