Personal Magnetism and public speaking

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Will I become a great public speaker if I am magnetic?”

As we discussed last week, public speaking is a skill that you can develop.

If you want to become a great public speaker, then you’ll need to speak in public as often as you can. Practicing at home in front of your mirror (or your cats!) is not the same thing as when you have a real life audience of dozens or hundreds of people in front of you.

Just like dancing salsa with a broom will never replace practice with a real flesh and blood partner. Maybe it can help, but it can’t be a replacement. You can’t expect to go from never having given a speech in your life to speaking flawlessly in front of hundreds of people just because you practiced a lot in front of the mirror.

There’s no way around that frequent public speaking.

You also need to practice and hone the skills of speaking for an audience which is quite different than speaking 1on1.

There are specific techniques and exercises that can help you with that.

Demosthenes, who was a famous public speaker in ancient Greece, honed his skill with now legendary exercises, like practice speaking with stones in his mouth, or training his voice volume and control by speaking against the wind, and many other types of exercises.

In fact, in ancient Greece a good public speaker was admired and honored. Anyone who could put forward his point of view effectively in an assembly of men, or conduct a case in the law courts would become respected.

Training your magnetism will not change the need to practice these specific skills or the fundamental practice to speak in public as often as you can. They are both needed and essential parts of it.


It will help you tremendously in the impact you have on the crowd that you are speaking to. A good speaker has to be magnetic and has to develop magnetism one way or another. You need to draw the crowd in – and magnetism is the perfect tool for that.

If you understand and develop the laws behind magnetism and energy, your path to become a great public speaker is a lot easier.

It’s all energy. Public speaking is no exception. You need to have a much stronger projection than when doing it 1on1 or in a small group, but other than that, the magnetic laws are the same.

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