Personal Magnetism Challenges

Personal Magnetism is much more than doing a few exercises or applying techniques. Is also much more than being home alone doing a video training.

All the Charisma School trainings must be done out there in the real world. Not home alone.

The courses are already prepared to put you out there. They don’t mean to just do a few home exercises and that’s it.

No, personal magnetism is always developed with people.

Being home alone doing exercises won’t cut it.

You can only prove to yourself that your inner power Will and magnetism is strong, when you actually face the challenges of the real world.

Your energy will grow as you face – and succeed – in these challenges.

The more challenges you have, the more your magnetism grows.

If you live just a comfortable life with no challenges, it’s hard to develop this powerful personal magnetism.

This is what we train in the 10 Steps to Inner Power training. Most of the exercises are to be done out there in the world.

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