Personal Magnetism as an Embodied State

Personal Magnetism is an embodied state.

It’s something you feel inside of yourself, in your body. Most magnetic individuals feel very strongly inside their own body – as opposed to constantly be inside their head.

They move through the world in this embodied state. When they move, the movement comes from the body, not from the mind. The body moves without apologies or permissions, with a dense energy.

This doesn’t happen with those who move from their mind. It seems they are disconnected from their bodies. The movement is often weak and devoid of vital energy.

More often than not, you are able to find more magnetic individuals in a farmer’s convention than in a state of the art technological convention. I’m talking about raw animal magnetism. Obviously, not the “polished” one of dressing well and smooth talking.

People who work with their bodies develop magnetism much easier than those of us who only work with our minds. This is something I’ve found through my years in Charisma School.

When I teach an exercise, technique or concept, they are quick to implement it in an embodied way. They don’t enter into debates in their minds. This makes the training of personal magnetism much easier.

Since I’m also a “mind worker”, it took me a while to fully understand this embodied state. It’s something I didn’t habitually use. I was always inside my own mind without ever listening or using my body in day to day actions.

So it took me a while to get used to this new way of being.

This is not a contradiction on the many times I’ve written about the power of the mind, concentration and other mind related attributes. Mind training is a different aspect and training your mind doesn’t mean you should neglect your body.

Both are essential aspects of personal magnetism.

Just because you train your mind to be more focused, it doesn’t mean you don’t move through the world in an embodied state.

But you will fail if you try to do everything at once. In physical training, no one can deny the impacts of stretching, or weight training or some form of cardio training. They all have their place for you to achieve a great physical fitness.

It’s the same here.

This bodily state is trained often with the energy aspects, although, you don’t necessarily need to have energy control to develop this embodied state. It’s just easier to feel and grasp if you do it alongside with the energy training.

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