Personal Magnetism and Physical Attractiveness

We have discussed before the role of looks (here and here) to sexual energy and personal magnetism. Yet, this tends to be a recurring topic.Students often feel that they aren’t good looking enough or attractive enough to be magnetic.

So, rather than take my word for it, here’s what Hector Durville, one of the godfathers of personal magnetism in the west had to say:

“We find ugly individuals which are magnetic and clearly exert in us an influence capable of swaying us in their favor, while at the same time we can be cold and unmovable with certain individuals with a beautiful appearance, that don’t affect us internally. These last ones are nothing more than beautiful statues, but without heat, without magnetism, simple images of life.”

He even goes as far as to say:

“This influence, this personal magnetism, natural or acquired, doesn’t depend upon external appearance. A nice body, a majestic posture, a pleasant face, can contribute to it – and they do in a certain way. But we need to remember that there aren’t bodies so unappealing, or such ugly faces that they can’t be magnetic.”

It’s important to remember that any type of magnetism (personal magnetism or sexual magnetism) is not dependent upon your looks or physical attractiveness.

While they can certainly help – just like wealth or social status – they are not an unmovable condition.

It’s about the energy that you have inside of you, not about your physical attractiveness.

And fortunately for us, energy can be generated, changed and manipulated.

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