Player Vs Normal Guy

There’s often a world of difference between the guys who are great in seducing and attracting the opposite sex (the “players”, which can be man or woman) and those who are not.At the surface level, it seems the difference is in what they say and what they do.

But if we dig a bit deeper we realize the difference is much more than their behavior.

Easy to spot: get a guy who is not so good at attracting women and give him the lines a great player
would say specific situations.

Hell, you can even get this player feed him the lines through some invisible bluetooth device as he is talking with the woman.

I can assure you that if that’s the only thing he does, he will still not get 20% of the success of that player.

His voice tonality will be completely off. His energy would be weak. His whole attitude would be non-sexual. So he wouldn’t get away with many of the same lines the player would use very easily.

Although, truth be told, most likely he would get more success than he’s currently having.

Still, not enough to change his fundamental sexual energy or his baseline of sexual attraction.

We need to go much deeper!

The player not only has a mind tuned into this sexual energy, but all his magnetism is sexual. He radiates sexuality from all his pores.

So his voice tonality transmit this.

His attitude transmit this.

And what he says it’s the consequence of all this. He could be talking politics and religion, and still transmits sexuality.

That’s why there’s a world of difference between normal guys and players. One has below average “normal” magnetism; the other has a strong kind of sexual energy.

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