Power over Outside Events

The great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote:“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

So I’m not the only crazy guy saying we can actually control our own minds in order to achieve Inner Power.
It’s good to know that a Roman emperor dead 2000 years ago was already advertising for Charisma School 🙂

Joking aside, this quote packs a great depth of wisdom.

How many times have you let outside events control our own inner state? How many times have you let some random life event affect your sleep or eating schedule?

And while it’s normal that some events affect you, you must think of the degree which this is true. Some people
get deeply affected by the release of a new phone, or a new project at work that won’t mean anything 6 months
from now.

More often than not, due to these insignificant life events we enter a state of mental rumination and turmoil in our inner feelings that we can’t control. Meaning, we don’t want to feel stressed or anxious, but we feel
it anyway.

But it doesn’t have to this way.

You can achieve a state of inner power where you can control your own reactions and achieve a mastery over your mind that allows you to be unaffected by external situations.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t give your best in your life and fight to achieve what you want to achieve. I’m not advocating a cold presence not affected by anything.

I’m advocating a control of yourself, your mind and feelings when you need and want to. I’m a certain that a clear mind and body in your work project is much better for its success, than feeling stressed and anxious about it.

Or talking to your boss about your future in the company from a position of actual inner power rather than a nervous train wreck, will probably give you a much better outcome.

Or for Marcus Aurelius, being firm in his own convictions in the midst of high pressure political conflicts.

This is pretty much what we train at the 10 Steps to Inner Power here:

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