The Power of Right Now!

We always think the power to change comes later. Somehow, today we don’t feel up for it, but tomorrow, or – on this case – the first day of the year will be different.As you can guess by now, that’s rarely the case.

Somehow start jogging next month will be easier than starting today.

Starting a diet after Christmas will be easier than before. As if you won’t have plenty of other occasions where you could eat a lot of food.

This is based on the faulty premise that future you is a lot stronger than your “present you”.

You always attribute a lot more power to the “future you” than to the “present you”. As if the “future you” will be different if you don’t change yourself in the present.

All the changes in you are made RIGHT NOW, not in a week for now. If you’re not strong enough right now, the future will not be different.

Regarding personal change, starting today, right now, is much better than starting tomorrow or next week. Even if it’s a smaller change, you make all the differences in the present moment, not in the future.

Sure you could put off a lot of the goals for next week or next month and still accomplish them. But the odds are, you’ll start off strong and over time neglect them until they are completely forgotten.

Instead, the alternative is to keep these changes in the present moment, right now as opposed to next week. Not putting off for “future you” to handle them.

A small change right now is better than a big change next week. Dropping sugar and fried foods starting right now is better than a complete diet makeover next week. Doing a 10 minute exercise routine right now and everyday, is better than start to jog 1 hour beginning next week.

You can still do your big change next week or whenever you feel ready for, but start right now with small changes, or even the big ones, as long as you gather the strength to do it right now instead of later.

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