Practice, reflect and learn!

When training magnetism and energy, there’s a heavy component of actual exercises and much less on the theory aspect. Exercises are always the FIRST component you must give your attention to.

Particularly the way we do it in Charisma imagine that you are feeling something. ing on what you are actually feeling as opposed to teaching energetic descriptions from old books.

It’s important that you feel, and not just imagine that you are feeling something.

And to get this awareness, you must actually do the exercises.

There’s no way around it.

You can read about energy all day long, but if you’re not closing your eyes to go inside yourself and feel whatever you are feeling, then nothing much will come out – regardless of how much you read.

First practice… second, read/think/reflect.

Everything else, all the reflections, readings and learnings are done after you have already experienced.

It’s very easy to delay actual exercises. Sometimes reading can become an excuse not to do.

But that’s the same about reading a book about bodybuilding instead of going to the gym. Aside from satisfying your intelectual curiosity, nothing much will come out of it.

When you complement going to the gym with learning more about what you are doing (thinking, reflecting, reading), it’s when you’ll get the most results.

One important takeaway:

And I’m joining reading and reflecting but they aren’t a bundle. In fact many people read but they don’t think or reflect on what they are learning.

Which makes it useless.

Using the bodybuilding analogy, if you are reading a book on bodybuilding but then you don’t think about how you can adapt your training to what you are reading, then what’s the point?

The same way, if you’re going to learn about magnetism but don’t think about what you’re actually doing and how you can improve, then what’s the point?

So we see here three aspects on all magnetic training, by order of importance:

1. Practice. Simply put, you won’t gain anything without it. Thinking is not doing. Reading is not doing. You must actually DO to improve.

2. Reflecting/thinking. If you don’t reflect on your own training/life/knowledge, then you may be doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

3. Learning/Reading/listening/watching. Increase your own knowledge and expand your range of possibilities.

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