Preparing an isolation/quarantine plan

As I told you on the previous email, I’m preparing my own plan for this coming period of isolation and quarantine which includes internal development as well as external/business development. And some students sent me an email to ask about how it can be done.

I’ll tell you what I’m personally doing so that you may take something out of it that you can apply for your own situation.

I’m making a 1 month plan (which I can extend if necessary) of what I want to get done by the end of the month.

Be attentive: 1 month at home can fly-by if you’re not careful. It’s very easy to reach the end of the month or any week and realize you haven’t done anything significant.

Hence the need to carefully create daily, weekly and monthly objectives. This means that at the end of today you should have accomplished X, Y and Z. The same at the end of one week and at the end of the month.

This is something I’ve always done before, but now the emphasis on new ideas and projects is a lot greater, as well as in the daily objectives.

I’m taking the opportunity to create and prepare projects that are ready to go as soon as this period ends.

Since it’s no longer “business as usual”, I have time to think, reflect, prepare and create.

Use this period as preparation. It’s not the time for quick, instant results, it’s the time to plant seeds that will later blossom.

I’m also putting some time off to relax. Yes, watching netflix can be part of it, if that suits you. But never more than 5% to 10% of your waking day and never before you get your daily objectives done. Life can’t be all work. Time to relax is also needed.

Now that outside activities are off limits, you can explore different avenues that you haven’t thought before: art, music, learning a language and so on.

And although I’m in physical isolation, I’m not mentally isolated. Remember that you can take advantages of the myriad communication technologies at your disposal to keep your social interactions alive.

On my own internal development, I’m increasing the daily amount of magnetic practices: concentration, energy, unblocking, Will.

I’m using this to polish and increase these important internal skills. I’m having more available time, so the daily practices can also increase, focusing on very specific objectives.

Inner power, mind control and Will should be on the forefront of your mind. They are essential in these coming weeks.

I’m also polishing and going deeper on my own energy. Isolation also has its advantages since you can go deeper than before.

I’ll do my best to make this bad situation into a very fruitful time!

Make sure you have your plan to make the most of out of it. You can come out of this situation better than before, or worse. Your choice.

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