Primal energy

Sexual energy is one of the primal energies of Man.

It’s an energy that drives much more of our behavior than we care to admit. We may think we have our sexual energy under control, but this is far from the truth for most people.

Particularly in our modern society, where sex is everywhere. You can’t walk two blocks without seeing sexual ads, billboards, magazine covers, etc. In fact, you don’t even need to leave the house. So even if you don’t usually seek out sexual content online, it will pop up anyway.

You may think that you are ignoring it, that it doesn’t bother you or affects you in any way, but it inevitably does.

It may come out in uncontrollable attraction or desire or be quite simple. Just a restless feeling of something moving inside – as if it’s something you need to do.

Maybe you don’t even associate with sexuality at first. Or worse, perhaps you actually repress all the sexual energy.

I remember a student who told me that he couldn’t feel sexual energy or sexuality at all. But at the same time, his anxiety was off the charts. Even had plenty of psychosomatic illnesses in his body. But, once he started to work with sexual energy – in becoming aware of it – a dam got loose!
It had a powerful impact, and he was quite surprised all this energy was repressed inside him. But once the initial stages were normalized and the energy was finally flowing, everything else cleared up: his anxiety, many of the minor psychosomatic issues he had, and so forth.

When you repress energy, it’s not like it disappears into the void. Energy must have an outlet. If you’re not giving it one, it will find one – which may not be the most convenient one for you.
In his case, it was anxiety and other minor health issues.

This is to tell you that sexual energy affects us much more than we think at first glance. We will be under its power if we don’t know how to work with it.

That’s why we created the course Sexual Energy Mastery so that you learn how to control it, work with it, and make it flow perfectly inside.

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