Principles of distance influence

Here’s an interesting quote by William Walker Atkinson:

“The general public are familiar in a general way with the phenomena of hypnotism, and to a lesser degree with the phenomena of Fascination in its more common forms of Personal Magnetism, etc. But as regards the use of the influence at a distance people are more or less skeptical owing to a lack of knowledge of the subject. And still every day is bringing to the mind of the public new facts and instances of such influence, and the teaching of the various cults along these lines is now awakening a new interest in the subject, and a desire to learn something regarding the laws and principles underlying the same.

As strange as it may appear at first glance, the principles underlying Mental Influence at a distance are precisely the same as those underlying the use of the influence when the persons are in the presence of each other. A little thought must show the truth of this. In the case of present influence the mental-currents flow across an intervening space between the two minds—there is a space outside of the two minds to be traversed by the currents. And a moment’s thought will show you that the difference between present influence and distant influence is merely a matter of degree—a question of a little more or less space to be traversed by the currents. Do you see this plainly?

Well, then, this being so, it follows that the methods used must be identical. Of course, in the case of personal influence the added effect of the voice, manner, suggestive methods, the eye, etc., are present, which render the result more easily obtained, and causes the “rapport” condition to be more easily established. But with this exception the methods are identical, and even the advantages accruing from the exceptions mentioned may be duplicated by practice and development in the case of distant influence.

There are a number of methods given by the authorities in this matter” of distant influencing, but they are all based upon the same principles, i. e., Vibrations, Thought-Waves, Mental Induction, Concentration and Mental Imaging—in these words you have the key to the subject—the rest is all a matter of practice and development, and variation.”

In remote or distance influence the secret is not in the actual method used. The secret is precisely in the principles Atkinson mentioned here. You need a strong Will, a strong concentration, a solid understanding of energy, a good projection and so forth.

And if you can’t yet influence or project your energy in close distance, then it will be A LOT harder to do it by distance since the sources of projection are much more reduced… only the thought instead of also the voice, gaze, touch and so forth.

In other words, focus first on normal close distance influence and only when you are successful in this should you focus on distance or remote influence.

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