Problems in advanced personal magnetism?

Very often I see students having problems on a later stage of the training with an obvious common cause. They could be training energy projection, or personal magnetism, sexual magnetism, or concentration, manifestation or anything really.

Pretty much the whole range of magnetic skills can be affected by this common cause.

When asking some simple questions, I quickly realize the problem:

The basics are not well solidified.

Maybe the intention is lacking, or some aspect of inner power, or simple energy awareness, or will state.

Much of the whole “magnetic skills portfolio” relies on a few foundational groundwork that must be there to be able to build on top of it.

It’s very easy to quickly skim the basics to get to the more advanced stuff.

This type of thinking is more common than I would think.

After all, these are not the “sexy” skills.

They apparently give few short term results. And it’s correct.

These basic skills are not that glamorous and little can be immediately seen on the external world.

While with more advanced skills like energy projection and influence you apparently get immediate results.

The problem is that all those advanced skills have the other basic ones – which are much less sexy – as their foundational building blocks.

Without the basics, the rest will simply fall flat eventually. Some early success can be had, but on the long run, if the foundations are not there, it’s very easy to stall your progress.

Simply put, if you already have problems on the basics, don’t expect to pull off advanced stuff.

This is not to say that you should stay stuck in the basics forever and never move on to anything else. Not at all.

These foundational skills take time to develop, you won’t get them well solidified in a couple of months. But staying years ONLY with a couple of them is also counterproductive.

So you shouldn’t be stuck… but you also shouldn’t forget about them.

The important aspect is keeping the training of the foundations as you move along. Not quickly skimming them, but instead, keeping their training as you advance.

Even to this day, I still daily check my own foundations and remind myself of certain quite “basic” techniques that you can find on 10 Steps to Inner Power or other trainings. It’s not uncommon for me to also have to go back and reinforce certain foundational aspects.

There’s no shame in it. That’s part of the magnetic path.

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