Problems on dates?

In different situations your energy behaves differently.

It may change qualities, you may have different blocks, it may be stronger or weaker.

Your energy will be completely different when you are at home alone relaxed watching a movie, or when you are in a bar with your friends. Or on a date. Or in an important work meeting.

Maybe on a date you’ll immediately start to repress sexual energy (exactly the opposite of what you want). Certain blocks pop up only on that specific situation.

And you may wonder why on the exercises at home you are apparently clear of blocks, but then on a different situation, some other blocks pop up.

It doesn’t take a big stretch of logic to understand that at home you are relaxed and comfortable, and – let’s say on a date – other forces are at play.

You are no longer that much relaxed. You are evaluating the person in front of you and you are being evaluated. Different psychological and emotional mechanisms are at work.

So it’s perfectly normal that your energy reflects this.

Don’t get me wrong: energy exercises home alone are very important. This is the only time you have to be completely in tune and aware of yourself in minute detail.

It’s also the only time you have to develop a strong internal awareness.

You can’t accomplish this when you are out into the world.

You can only do it with silence, stillness, and internal focus.

It’s impossible to develop it if you need to be focus on the external inputs from the world.

But then, once you have this internal awareness well developed from the “alone practice”, you’ll see that it’s a lot easier to feel your energy when you’re out into the world.

You are already used to feeling it in detail, now certain sensations will immediately jump at you.

Or, a simple 5 second internal energy scan while you’re out on a date will give you a lot of energetic information about yourself.

And, you can use this information to later understand and clear these blocks.

Clearing energetic blocks on different situations is crucial if you want to achieve any type of magnetism.

In fact, on Become a Sexual Man there’s a specific process for clearing out the sexual energy blocks on most situations of your life. You work through them one by one, feeling and allowing the energy to flow, so that when they happen in real life, your energy can flow perfectly!

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