Problems on the flow of life

On the previous email I told you about the flow of life. I’ve made it seem as a very binary and straightforward thing, but it’s far from it as it depends on different aspects of your life as well.

Sometimes a situation that is clearly not in the flow of life can affect all the others.

Let’s say that everything is hard for you with relationships (or your family life). This can also affect your business or professional life and make you fall from this flow of life.

But it’s very easy to mistakenly say that your business area is out of sync with this flow of life because you are struggling hard with it. It may as well be so, but the cause will be your relationships, not your business.

Once you solve those relationships issues, the business will prosper with very little effort.

And because of this other situation that is out of sync, it won’t really matter how much effort you put into the business… it will still be a problem and a constant fight.

It can also be the opposite. Maybe you’re having trouble in your relationships because of your business situation.

Or any other types of situations.

Either way, one area of your life can affect the situation in another area. So not everything is related to the current area giving problems.

It’s important for you to understand that this concept is not a way to give up at the first sign of problems and troubles.

Let’s get this straight: you will always have problematic situations that need solved in whatever goal you chose to accomplish.

I can correct this and say: in whatever complex goal you choose to accomplish.

Very rarely will everything be constantly positive and easy.


Sometimes you’ll find draining problem after draining problem. It’s a constant uphill battle that drains and frustrates you that you can never see an end to it.

While on other situations, you’ll have problems… but it won’t be constantly draining (or maybe only on a certain period).

When it’s constantly draining – or on a very long period of time – you know that you fell out of the flow of life.

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