Are your problems still chasing you?

It’s common to find the same challenges and problems chasing you throughout life.

We may change jobs, countries, friends, spouses, but it seems the problems chases us.

We find similar issues anywhere we go.

It’s because regardless of where you are and the different life situations you put yourself into, you are still the same person.

If you truly want to stop having these same problems, you don’t need a life change… you need a change in yourself.

Being in the middle of the confusion of New York or in a silent monastery of the highest mountain of Tibet will bring forth the same issues.

Escaping to a comfortable place or drastically changing your life with the hope that you change as well, will bring little help if you don’t make the fundamental change inside.

Outside conditions are nothing more than a reflection of what we are inside.

So if you do this drastic external change without a similar drastic internal change (which is much harder), not much will come out of it.

Sometimes, even small behavior changes on your day to day life are more helpful than the drastic changes.

It’s also true that the drastic change CAN be needed.

It’s particularly helpful when you’re already in this process of internal change and discover that the life you are living is not aligned with your Will. Then a drastic change may be essential.

But first consider your own process of internal change. Where you are, what can you do to change right now, and the steps you need to take.

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