Projecting Sexual Energy and Tension Energy

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Can I project a mixture of Sexual and Personal Magnetism at the same time?”

Tension energy is part of all types of charisma and personal magnetism.

It’s pretty much the most important energy type for us. Without it, projection of sexual energy, or any kind of influence will be hard to achieve.

That’s why we give it such a big importance in Charisma School.

So by projecting sexual energy, you are already projecting – in part – the tension energy.

Especially to be really good in projecting your sexuality, tension energy must be in there somewhere.

It gives you the power, the electricity, to amplify your projection.

If you already have a good flow of tension energy, it will amplify your sexual energy without any kind of effort from your part.

So not only does it help to radiate your charisma, and gives you a good amount of energy all day long, but it also boosts your sexual energy.

Tension energy is indeed a treasure chest for anyone who wishes to develop personal or sexual magnetism.

When it’s a pure tension energy projection, you get the influencing powers of personal magnetism. When you project sexual energy, you give your energy a sexual quality, but it already has some personal magnetism in there.

That’s inevitable.

You can develop both and choose one or the other based on your circumstances.

Especially in the beginning of your training, it’s hard to isolate and choose which one you want to project.

But there are specific processes for that.

To learn more about tension energy, and energy in general, get the Vitality and Energy Training here:

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