Protecting yourself

Here’s a question from a reader:

“Bruno,how do you protect yourself from certain energy especially when someone’s maybe trying to influence you, how do we guard our mind, and protect thoughts, do you teach this too?”

In each meeting there’s always a battle of energies. You are being influenced or you are influencing.

I know this seems a bit conflict driven… but I’m referring this is in terms of energy alone, not necessarily as an actual conflict with the person.

And with a friend – someone who you consider a real friend at least – there’s always times when you are influenced and times where you are influencing. Maybe some days you are the one influencing and other days your friend will be the one influencing. Or maybe it switches several times during conversation. Either way, there’s an unconscious agreement of this sharing.

When you’re having a good relationship with someone, this sharing of the influence is normal and desirable.

The problem is outside the realm of good relationships.

Is when someone is trying to actively influencing you in a situation where you don’t want to be and want to maintain a clear mind. For example, in making a decision to buying a car.

The solution is always in having a strong inner power, Will and a strong sense of your own magnetism.

If you are able to maintain an awareness of your own energy and mind, then you know the type of influence other people are causing in you.

This takes time and practice. You need to know yourself, your own energy and mind so that you are able to notice immediately if someone is influencing you.

Then you simply activate yourself a bit further in order to superimpose your energy on this influence.

When you become aware of it and you have a strong sense of self, then it de-energizes the influencing of someone else.

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