Does Psychic Influence really work?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Does psychic influence really work?”

Sure it does. But only when done right.

Psychic influence is using your mind to influence someone else. It can work completely without words and even without physically being present with the person.

It’s an efficient technique.

The problem is how it’s taught. Many books of psychic influence teach you to create some visualization and that’s it. Somehow you visualize the other person doing what you want, or some sort of energy link between both of you or similar methods.

Those are the normal techniques taught in the older days.

And they can work.

The issue is that those techniques – as they were taught on the old days – already have built in assumptions about WHO is using them.

And you rarely read it on modern books teaching it.

You can’t just take someone who never had any kind of mind control training and make psychic influence work.

It requires good mental and energetic skills.

For example, if you can’t flawlessly accomplish the Act of Will exercise (shared as a bonus of all our trainings), it will be very hard to do any kind of energetic influence.

You can’t use your mind to control even basic aspects of yourself, yet, mentally influencing others should be a lot easier (?).

Doesn’t make much sense to me.

You already need fairly good skills in mind control and Will to be able to use these kind of advanced psychic influence techniques.

And most people lack these skills.

Without them, you’ll only be fooling yourself.

Nothing wrong with daydreaming, but I doubt it’s what you want when you practice these techniques.

When we talk about mind control or mind mastery, you don’t need to spend 10 years meditating on a cave on the Himalayas guided by a mysterious monk hermit.

You can develop these skills exactly where you are, while doing your normal everyday life.

It’s exactly what we teach in 10 Steps to Inner Power, Vitality and Energy Training and Concentration and Mind Control.

Our trainings are not only for charisma or magnetism, they train you to master yourself, your mind and your own energy so you can use all sort of techniques, whether they are from Charisma School or any other esoteric method.

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