Magnetic Gaze and Psychosis

Here’s a question regarding the Magnetic Gaze practice:

“With energy exercises, is it possible you build too much energy inside you, if you develop too much energy inside you would it be harmful? isn’t it psychosis happens when you have too much energy?”

The kind of exercises and practices you learned on the lower levels of the Magnetic Gaze or Sexual Magnetism for example are designed to give you a specific result in the real world.

They aren’t designed for bigger spiritual practices.

When you hear these kind of horror stories about energy development, it’s mostly related to much deeper and longer spiritual practices.

When you are training for “Kundalini Awakening” or deeper forms of meditation, indeed some energetic unbalances can happen if you are not properly followed by a qualified teacher who can identify them.

That’s why our more evolved practices require a different kind of training. There are certain techniques we only teach in private training and not by courses.

If we put out a course open for a general audience, it’s because it’s perfectly safe to follow without any problems, as long as you stick with the recommended guidelines of course.

The Charisma School energy exercises are a means to an end, and not the end in itself as with other energetic practices. So we pretty much only do enough to reach our charismatic and magnetic goals!

Start here with your Magnetic Gaze practice:


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