Grigori Rasputin

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Have you studied Grigori Rasputin? If so when you look at his sexual exploits was he practicing sex
transmutation? There’s no way he could have been as powerful and magnetic as he was if he was draining his vital energy so much. They say he seemed to have even more energy after sex.

He had a piercing gaze and booming voice. He definitely mastered the magnetic gaze and voice. He was an
interesting individual. What do you think?”

Although we can never know for sure what he used, I know that he studied hypnosis and the magnetism with a hypnotist called Gerasim Papandato (You can read about it on the book “Rasputin, the Untold Story”) so he was surely not a stranger to the teachings of the Magnetic Gaze.

We can only speculate about sex transmutation. But since he also learned “Tibetan medicine”, who knows what other kinds of practices and teachings he learned?

Sexual Transmutation and the general work with Sexual Energy is definitely something that can increase your Personal Magnetism and Charisma, as well as your general vitality.

So we had to cover it in the Sexual Magnetism training course. This topic couldn’t go unnoticed in Charisma School.

But it can get confusing. I often receive questions if the work done in the Sexual Magnetism training course is only through sexual activity.

They are talking about the spiritual practice used in Taoism, and popularized by Mantak Chia.

Although this is a good practice, it’s used mostly for spiritual purposes.

We, at CS, tend to focus on the more worldly aspects of it. So, on this particular course, we work with the energy from your natural everyday desires that can be used as an increase in your raw attraction.

This is one of the best ways we know to harness the Sexual Energy power in your normal everyday life to increase in your own sexual appeal and magnetism.

Sexual Transmutation is a practice you can do on a later stage, after you can already use Sexual Energy in your normal everyday life to get attraction.

More information about Sexual Magnetism in here:
>>> Sexual Magnetism

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