The Real Energy Drains

Energy leaks are one of the biggest culprits of why you are not magnetic.You can do as many energy generating exercises as you like, but if inside of you there’s leak of energy, no amount of energy exercises will be enough.

It’s like you are trying to fill a bucket with a hole on the bottom. You can keep pouring in water, yet it will never be full.

There are plenty of things that can drain your energy and deplete you.

Physical sickness, too much physical exercise, sexual aspects, and so on.

Yet, the worst “drainer” of it all is in inside your own mind.

You can be as healthy as a fish, be abstinent as a monk, and still not be magnetic and not have a buildup of energy.


Because in 95% of the cases, the biggest drain of your energy is due to your inner power (or lack thereof).

It doesn’t matter if you spend 2 hours every morning with energy exercises, if your anxiety and mental ruminations are high, by the end of the day you’ll be depleted of your hard earned energy.

Your energy will simply be depleted by these constant nagging thoughts.

Or, if are in a job you hate, constantly feeling negative inside of you due to what you are doing, it doesn’t truly matter how long you are abstinent for.

More than energy exercises, sexual energy or any of the other energy reasons, your inner power and your overall day to day are responsible for a great magnetism and vibrant energy.

Have a weak inner power and will, constantly distracted, never following on your intentions, negative thoughts and so on, and no amount of energy exercises will ever be enough.

That’s why we always start our magnetic training with the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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