What is the REAL Key to all kind of energy work?

I often receive numerous questions of students who are interested in “open their chakras”, “increase their aura of positivity” and other such energetic activities. As real as all energetic phenomena is, don’t think that it’s unrelated to the rest of your life, behaviors and your psyche.

Quite the opposite.

If you aren’t used to use your Will to influence the real physical world (as in: influencing people, modifying your behaviors, achieving your goals, using your will power, etc), then you’ll have a much harder time when you try to use your Will to move and shape your energy.

Some students think changing their own subtle energy system is a lot easier than using their Will to influence someone. I wish it was, but it’s not.

Those with the stronger Will on the external world, also have the stronger Will on the internal “energy” world.

I’ve mentioned before how the stronger and more powerful energy workers I’ve met are all very “earthly”, rough and robust individuals. The “new age”, wishy washy, individuals usually have a very low influencing power and subtle energy control compared to the others.

That’s because the key to subtle energy work is always the Will.

Sure you need the awareness – after all, if you can’t feel it, you can’t work with it – but the Will is the true key to be able to successfully do any kind of energy work. It doesn’t matter if it’s related to Charisma School tension energy, sexual energy or to any kind of energy work.

Mastery over yourself equals mastery over your energies, your behaviors, thoughts, mind, emotions, social life and relationships. They are not independent.

That’s why the 10 Steps to Inner Power is our flagship training. It’s where you learn the true mastery over yourself and your Will that will allow you to do any kind of energy work further on, as well as increasing your power of influence.

>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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