Reducing the time of the courses

Here’s an interesting – and common – question from a student:

“Can I reduce the time of the courses compressing the training into a shorter period of time?”

You can do it with any material that you need to memorize – like a university degree. Instead of 4 years, you can do it in 1 year by working extra hard.

There’s a lot of information that you need to memorize and understand. Thus, as long as you past the exams, you can get your degree.

With magnetism is not so easy.

You can do it with the intelectual knowledge. If you are only seeking to know what this is all about, then it’s quite easy. You can even do it in a day or two, since that’s what you need to watch the videos and rationalize the exercises.

But if you aiming to actually achieve the goal of the trainings, then it’s going to be harder.

Magnetic training is not about intelectual knowledge. It’s not about memorizing something. It’s about your own awareness, it’s about changing what you are inside – and outside.

And this inevitably takes time. I wish I could say that you could learn everything in one week or even one month. But it’s impossible.

You need to become aware of your own energy inside, your own blocks, what you think, what you project, and so on.

Even if you are dedicating yourself 24h a day, it still takes time.

I can’t say exactly how long it will be for you. It depends on your own internal composition, your dedication, your previous practices and so on. There are many variables mixed in.

Instead of focusing in reducing the training time, focus in mastering each individual exercise and concept. How can you really get it? How can you really master it?

Nevermind about time… focus in mastery, in the actual practice.

Then you’ll be magnetic!

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