Reducing the training time?

Here’s an interesting – and fairly common question – from a reader:

“Is it possible to cut down on the training period, say to 5 weeks as in squeezing two weeks training into one week?”

I’m sure we all want the benefits of the training as fast as possible.

If we could have them yesterday, we would. All of us. Me included.

But this type of training is not exactly like a college course with material you need to intellectually study and learn.

It doesn’t matter whether you memorize it or not.

If it was just for the intellectual learning, then you could do the whole course even in 1 day, since it’s not that intellectually challenging.

But the goal of any Charisma School training is to change your behavior, change your energy, change your internal and external reality.

This takes time and focus.

I’m sure a piano teacher could teach you in a day all the 7 musical notes and how a piano works, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be playing something good anytime soon.

You’ll still need a lot more lessons to correct all the mistakes you are inevitably going to do.

It takes time and focus.

You need time – not to “memorize” the information – but to internalize it. To absorb it. To become comfortable with it.

And focus on very few aspects of your training – a few at a time – so that your mind can get used to them.

Many students miss the point and think this is about what they are “intellectually aware” about.

I’m sure you’ll intellectually understand the different concepts in a heartbeat. How long it will take to internalize them and actually use them in your life is a whole different point.

I’m also “intellectually aware” of the 7 musical notes, I’ve learned them in school – just like you -, but I couldn’t join them together in a great melodious sequence if my life was dependent on it.

So, reducing the training time is not something I would recommend – particularly your first time doing the trainings.

Take your time through the trainings. Slow and steady wins the race. Not fast and furious.

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