Remote Energetic Influence

I’ve often receive emails of students wanting to learn about remote energetic influence.

This is about using your energy to influence others while you’re not in their presence, so the normal sources of magnetism don’t apply here.

You can’t exactly use your voice, or your gaze, or your touch to influence someone.

Everything must be done using your thoughts, Will and energy.

There’s much to be said about it, but the most important thing is that remote influence is never done because you can’t do it live.

In short, if you can’t do it live, you won’t be able to do it remotely.

It’s common to try to use remote energy work os psychic influence because of the fear and anxiety of being rejected or other similar reasons. So of course it’s much more convenient to do it in the comfort of your own home without any danger of “being caught”.

Yet, energy doesn’t exactly work like that.

What we found is that attempting to do remote influence without having a solid basis doing it live, is simply inefficient. You’ll lose a lot of time with no guarantee that your efforts will pay off.

Particularly when this is done out of fear.

Your unconscious blocks that are preventing you to do this type of work live will strongly manifest themselves when done remote – preventing your success.

And these blocks are much easily caught when you are working “live”. You’ll know exactly what isn’t working: whether if it’s your inner power, or lack of Will, or energy blocks, or strength of projection and so forth.

When you’re comfortably at home trying to influence someone, your blocks will be a lot more subtle and doubts will creep in every step of the way.

So I always recommend to do everything LIVE first, and only when everything is working as it should, move to the remote work – if this part of magnetism interests you.

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