Remote Sexual Influence

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“If I fantasize on a real person, does that mean I am also remotely sending sexual energy to them?”

Remote influence is a different topic than imagination or visualization.

If all it would take is some simple imagination to influence someone or for someone to fall in love with you, then there would be a lot of teenagers dating super models and famous singers or actors.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) remote influence is not that easy or simple.

You won’t gain much by simply fantasizing about someone (aside from your momentary satisfaction). Even if some energy is sent on any particular moment of your fantasy, it’s barely enough to cause any sort of impact.

It’s the equivalent of a small fly around this person.

Visualization can be a powerful tool, but it’s certainly not the way most people use it or the way it is described on most books.

First of all, you already need a powerful intent. What we describe on the 10 Steps and the Act of Will. Without this powerful intent focusing your energies, most likely they would be spread around without any true focus.

Then, you also need a much higher degree of concentration, which is what we train in Concentration and Mind Control course. The concentration that you need for your everyday life is not enough.

You need a much higher degree of focus.

Then depending on the method, you may need other skills, but that at least the bare bones.

On the Concentration and Mind Control training we differentiate between different types of visualization. And yes, there’s one a lot more powerful than “simple” visualization, which is Tratak. Your remote influence skills can go through the roof once you master it.

Remote influence, although an appealing technique, it’s not easy.

Especially if you want to use it due to fear and shyness. I certainly wouldn’t recommend you to pursue this technique if you simply want to avoid the direct influence and face to face contact due to fear.

It will never be as efficient. Someone who can already influence face to face, will have 100x times better (and easier) results in remote influence than someone who is simply afraid of doing it face to face.

The same with any type of seduction. If you can’t do it face to face, if it’s hard for you to project sexual energy face to face, it won’t be easier to accomplish it in remote influence or covertly in any way. Your subconscious will simply block your success.

Get rid of your fears, learn to do it face to face using the “hard way”, be successful it in… and only then move on to more subtle and remote type of techniques if you so desire.

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