Remotely Sending Sexual Energy

Here’s an interesting question from a student:“Can you remotely send sexual energy to someone?”

Yes, you can.

I’m just not sure if it will bring the effects you desire.

The mere fact of “sending sexual energy to someone” remotely, won’t make them attracted to you. It will make them feel sexual. And if there’s someone else in the room with them at that particular time, you’ll be doing this person a great favour!

A better question would be:

“Can you make someone attracted to you by long distance?” – or something along these lines.

Sexual energy is a type of energy common to everyone. If you are not there, it won’t be automatically linked to you.

If you are in a physical presence of someone who projects a strong sexual energy, then you will be drawn to this person. The presence is the anchor. Just like bees are drawn to honey.

But, you can also feel sexual energy in yourself without being linked to anyone in particular. This is what happens with your subject when you “merely” project sexual energy remotely.

The secret is in projecting sexual energy remotely – while linking it to you. That creates the effect you desire.

Yet, for it to be more than delusion and positive thinking, you need a much stronger and developed mind power.

And believe me, it’s A LOT easier to do it in person. The necessary mind power, time and overall effort is much less than doing it remotely. That’s why a combination of trainings like Sexual Energy Mastery and Sexual Magnetism gives you a much faster route to the goal of creating attraction.

Remote influence is a great technique and certainly useful, but it’s also an advanced one due to the necessary abilities you already need to have. In other words, if you can’t already influence (or attract) well in person, you won’t be able to do it remotely.

So it’s best if you focus on creating this attraction in person, once this is established to your desire, then focus on the long distance.

Your success rate will skyrocket in both ways.

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