Repressing issues

We tend to hide or repress many of the issues we have about ourselves.
Maybe it’s about your looks, maybe it’s about your beliefs, or desires.
Overall, it’s all about an energetic impulse that you feel which makes you behave in a certain way. And if you don’t like it, then you resist that impulse.
That resistance is the problem. Because it makes your energy contract (and hence, your magnetism gets smaller).
It’s like pain.
You can have pain, but you don’t need to have suffering. They are two different concepts.
We can’t avoid pain, as it’s part of life one way or another… but we can avoid suffering. Suffering happens when you RESIST the pain.
When you accept it, suffering ends and there’s only a negative painful feeling inside of you.
It’s not the same thing… at all!
Resistance to the feeling, whatever that feeling is, will bring suffering and unintentional consequences.
It’s not like you’re wrong to do it. No, that’s part of human nature. We don’t want negative feelings, we strive to go away from them.
I sure would prefer to avoid them as well. It’s not like I’m a seeker of physical pain.
But when it happens, instead of resisting it, I prefer to accept it as is.
It’s still painful. But there’s no suffering.
You’ll only truly understand this when you try it.
There’s no way around it. When you have a painful feeling, try to focus on it and fully accept it without resisting it in any way.
Maintain that steady focus of acceptance. Notice what happens.
If you repeat into the many other resistances you might have, you’ll reach quite an interesting energetic state overall… you reach an expansive magnetic state, instead of a non-magnetic contractive state.
To unblock the different energies in your body start with the training:

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