Repression and Sexual Energy

An interesting principle to understand is that the more comfortable you are with sex, the easier it is to attract it into life.

You gain a sort of energetic openness to it.

It becomes normal and a part of your “portfolio of energies” to use.

If you are comfortable with it, you have no problem in – often unconsciously – displaying your disposition with others.

Attraction is easier, since sexual energy is a lot more prevalent and not something that you repress.

Now, it’s important to clarify that sexual energy is often present in individuals that are not comfortable with the physical act of sexual activity, as we’ve seen here.

That’s a possibility and often happens.

Often with those that don’t train it specifically, but instead, were born into (or unconsciously developed) sexual magnetism.

For those who specifically and consciously train sexual magnetism (as you and me), it’s much harder to achieve it if you’re still repressing the physical sexual act.

When you repress the physical act of sex, it often signals the awkwardness you feel with intimacy and more often than not, feelings of sexual inadequacies.

As you might expect, this will also express itself outside of the bedroom and in actual interactions.

It will be much harder for sexual energy to flow if you don’t feel sexual adequate.

More often than not, you may even know this and may ask: “I would more than happy to be comfortable in sex, but I can’t get anyone to have sex with me”

And that’s a real problem.

After all, you enter a vicious cycle where you need to be more comfortable sexually to attract others, yet, you can’t get anyone to have sex with because you’re not sexual.

Fortunately, you can train yourself to project this sexual energy in interactions at the same time you let go of the psychological blocks to sexuality.

This is something we train – in depth – with the course:
>>> Become a Sexual Man

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