Repression and Sexual Energy

It’s amazing when students start working with their sexual energy and find the incredible amount of baggage and negativity that was affecting their sexuality.

This baggage and negativity is often the result of decades of unhealthy relationships and/or negative sexual conditioning due to past beliefs.

Our society, as sexually free as it may be compared to earlier years, can still create a good deal of sexual repression. Simply because we are not taught how to deal with sexual energy. We are not taught how to deal with this powerful force of nature that is present in every single one of us in increasingly more strength than before.

Think about it: sex is present everywhere in our society.

Just observe for yourself:

– You can’t spend 10minutes watching some TV commercials without having a sexual ad in there – regardless of how late or early it is.

– You can’t take a walk in a downtown area of your city without seeing a sexual billboard or ad.

– You can’t browse popular internet sites without seeing an ad that elicits sexuality in some way.

– Most movies and TV series have an element of sexuality built in to them. In fact, the most popular movies and TV series have an overt sexuality built into them.

Regardless of how much you fight sexual energy, it’s simply impossible to escape having to deal with it in one way or the other.

Most people deal with it in an unconscious way. They don’t think about it, and just do whatever their unconscious tells them. And often times, the answer is to repress it, since you’re not allowed to freely express it.

Repression, negative beliefs and a negative sexual conditioning is bound to happen.

But this repression of sexuality affects all the aspects of our life.

Not just sexual or romantic relationships.

It affects how you behave in the world.

It creates repression and issues in all areas. If such a predominant energy is stuck somewhere in yourself, then obviously, it affects everything.

But when your sexual energy is free without blocks, you are also free. When your sexual energy is allowed a free expression, shyness is no longer a problem. Self-confidence is no longer a problem.

That’s why learning how to deal with your sexual energy is imperative in today’s world that is ruled by sex in one form or another.

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