Resonating With Sexual Energy

Some students misinterpret sexual energy.They think it’s some kind of magic practice where you practice it a few times and, lo and behold, the gates of sexual paradise open up for them.

But it’s far from a “magic practice” or even a psychological trick or manipulation.

It’s about developing your own sexual power.

Not in the sense of lasting longer in bed.

It’s about changing your energy body, from a neutral state low of sexual energy, to a body that radiates sex.

And because it radiates sex, others inevitable connect with you in a sexual way.

It’s all a matter of resonance.

Ever heard about how “money attracts money”. Those who are already wealthy have a much easier time to increase their wealth?

Or, how some people seem to have all the negative sh*t happening to them? They keep getting bad luck”.

Or, the so called “players” attract women even when they are walking the dog or throwing out the trash in their sweat pants.

You attract what your energy body emits. Or in other words, you attract what you resonate with.

(how it all relates to the law of attraction or “The Secret” is a topic for another email)

It can be positive events – like wealth or sex – or it can be negative events – like bad health, financial losses, and lonely Saturday nights.

So, sexual energy is about developing your own inner sexual fire where everything you do radiates sex.

You start to resonate with sex, as opposed to being ashamed of it or hiding it.

Some people – those lucky SOB – develop this resonance naturally, without the need to any kind of practices. These are called “players” or “naturals”.

Good for them.

But for all the rest of us who weren’t that lucky, me included, we have to work for it and develop our energy to a point where you radiate sexuality in everything we do.

Then, you can also be able to attract women even when you haven’t showered for two months!

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