Review of the 10 Steps to Inner Power

Here’s an interesting comment from an advanced student in Charisma School that only recently took the “10 Steps to Inner Power”:

“This is my short review of the 10 Steps.

This was a highly beneficial course.

I underestimated the course. Prior to realizing what true confidence is I just thought confidence was an act of will. But it’s not. It’s an inner relationship with yourself and others. If you don’t have it and exert the Will to compensate then you are heavily taxing the Will. All energy of the Will goes into overcoming feelings of weak confidence and therefore your powers of influence and magnetism are heavily impeded.

It’s much better to develop the inner power so that the Will may act unimpeded by feelings of weaknesses.

It’s a shame I didn’t take it earlier considering you mandate it in every course.”

I’m sharing this email with you since this student understood quite well the difference between Will and Inner Power and how it manifests in his life.

It’s simply a lot more efficient to first develop inner power and use the Will when the inner power is well established.

Otherwise you will be depleting a lot of energy to compensate for other issues, as he very well puts it.

With inner power you are improving those very parts that are leaking energy and Will.

More energy and Will won’t fix them. It’s not about energy exercises. It’s about inner power.

The concepts you learn in 10 Steps to Inner Power will be useful to fix these leaks and create a strong foundation inside.

Of course, it’s all a work in progress. You won’t have PERFECT inner power (or perfect Will) after the training – of after ANY training -, but we work with good enough and establishing a solid basis to work on.

Then you continue to improve it since there’s already a solid work base.

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