Sabotaging mind

Yesterday we discussed about how our mind sabotages us in order to remain in an external state that reflects the inner reality, hence, not growing or achieving what we would like.Let’s discuss a bit deeper about this inner reality.

We live in an inner reality filled with habitual feelings, habitual voices, habitual states. And we never truly deviate too much from this. Just think about it: most days, whether you are working in your hometown or on holidays in Hawaii, pretty much feel the same.

Don’t get me wrong. Obviously we would all prefer to be on holidays on a paradise beach as opposed to be working.

Yet, after the first few days of leisure time in this beach, you’ll find the same habitual patterns kicking in. Your mental state, your inner voice, your patterns, they will all return to the same place.

You’ll find yourself in paradise, yet, if no work is done in your inner reality, you’ll feel as if you are still back home working. You’ll find the same thought patterns hitting you from different sides.

Maybe it’s the water that it’s cold, or the sun too hot, or the people too slow doing things, or you preferring the movement of a busy city.

Either way, the same mental patterns will return so that your inner reality is in its comfortable place again.

It works the same in relationships.

Did you ever tried to make a holiday romance work on the long term?

Let me guess… what started out as the perfect person, end up being like everyone else you met in your hometown.

We keep finding faults at others, some things that don’t quite work out or fit in our personalities.

To make any relationship work, the inner reality must be changed in order to accommodate the new

It’s like this on all areas of our lives: relationships, wealth, health, etc.

You won’t be rich if you continue to have the same inner reality of scarcity.

You won’t be healthy if you continue to have the same inner reality of sickness. If your mind is comfortable in being sick (due to the attention it receives, the rest at home, etc), you’ll never be able to find a healthy lifestyle.

The inner reality always precedes the outer reality. In order to change the outer reality, you must first change your inner reality.

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