Screen Blocking Software for Concentration?

Here’s a question from a reader of this newsletter:

“What are your thoughts on internet or screen blocking software to improve your concentration?”

For those who are not aware of what they are, this type of screen blocking software prevents you from opening your browser, email program, or connecting to the internet while keeping your computer screen only on one specific program (like for example a text editor) for a pre-selected amount of time. This way, you have no other choice than to do what you’re supposed to be doing.

They are advertised as procrastination killers.

Are they useful? I’m sure that for some people they have a function.

But… for those like you and me, concerned about the improvement of our own inner power and concentration, are they also useful?

The problem with this software is that it doesn’t improve your concentration.

It doesn’t even improve your will power.

You get the exact same concentration and will power that you had before you started to use it. The difference is that you are forced to do your work.

Since everything else is blocked, it gives you no other choice. Either way, since your concentration doesn’t really improve, you’ll just tend to find other sources of distraction (maybe your cat, or doing the laundry, or your smartphone or something of the sort).

The path we recommend is to actually improve your concentration and inner power so that you can focus on what you want (and need) to be focused on as much time as you want to, regardless of the distractions around you.

You could be sitting with your laptop in the busiest street of your town, with a huge party going on around you, and still be focused uniquely on what you want.

This uses as much of an intense power of concentration as it uses inner power. They are both useful to be able to choose your focus. And they always go hand in hand. You can’t train one without the other.

So, use this type of software if you like, especially while you don’t yet have a solid concentration, but always train your concentration and inner power so that you have full control over your own mind.

That’s the only way to always be at the helm of your ship and actually choose the life you want to live.

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