The Secret to High Energy

Many years ago, I had a friend which seemed constantly connected to a power source. His energy for his day to day life was just amazing. He did a LOT of activities apparently without getting tired at all.

He also told me he slept very little. One day he might have slept 2 hours, the next day 3 hours. I thought he was a freak of nature.

I always thought he had some kind of magic secret. It was the diet. It was drugs. It was exercise. It was his genetics.

I had a lot of hypothesis and spoke with him at length about it.

I couldn’t reach any conclusion. He genuinely didn’t knew why his energy was like that.

Until one day I spoke with his wife about it. Maybe she would know something he didn’t.

And indeed what she told me was extremely eye opening:

“Bruno you always see him in the context of some activity. When he is at home with just me or his children, he drops like a rock. He seems apathetic and I almost have to shout if I want to have a conversation with him.

“He also takes a lot of very short naps. Sometimes I go to buy some bread while he stays in the car, and when I return, he is sleeping! Once I even caught him sleeping standing up!”

When I heard that, I immediately understood his “secret”.

His secret was that he was very good in activating himself!

When he didn’t have a goal, a task or an activity to accomplish, he would be dead to the world and become apathetic. But when he was ON, then nothing could stop him. He could activate easily even with little sleep.

Using our terminology, he uses the Will State, although on an unconscious level. He activates himself, gets energy moving easily in his body.

But if you use the Will State constantly without respecting your body limits, eventually you will crash. Hence his apathy at home and short naps.

The Will State is great for an overall activation in your day to day life for a great productivity as well as in those situations where you are sick, had little sleep, are tired for some reason, but still need to accomplish a task or a goal. But later on, you need to give your body the rest it needs so it can heal and renew the energy.

A better approach to vitality and an increase on your energy levels, is becoming aware of your body, your energy, mental energy, and make them all work at their full potential. Learn to use the Will State when needed but also respect your need for resting.

This way you can be in your peak performance everyday and every hour!

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