Secret magnetism exercise lies inside

Maybe you are drawn to personal magnetism because you think there’s some sort of “super secret exercise”, that you can make for 20 minutes a day, and will make you magnetic or magically change your whole life.I wish that was the case, my work will be a lot easier. But that’s just magical thinking at his best.

There are no shortcuts.

You can’t do a couple of exercises a day and expect your whole life to magically change and become a magnetic individual.

Personal Magnetism is not about the exercises, it’s about your mindset, energy, will and inner power.

If the only thing you are doing differently is a couple of exercises in the morning, I can assure that you’ll have a hard time changing your magnetism.

The exercises are an aid, a way to explore to your own energy, inner power, mindset and so on. They allow you to become aware of what it’s there. But you still have to cross the threshold and actually use what you find.

The true change must be on how you think, behave, and act during your day.

Not on adding more exercises… but on actually changing what you do during your day.

Instead of allowing your unconscious to run the show, you take charge of your mind and energy.

Magnetic individuals don’t need to spend hours a day doing exercises home alone, they are out there in the world, influencing themselves first and then others.

You change your mind and energy to what you want, instead of them dictating what you should want.

Not in the way of the “Victorian Will”, where you force yourself to do whatever needs to be done. Although a certain amount of it is needed, the true goal is changing the underlying structures to create the necessary energy and mindset to do what you want to do.

Letting go of habitual modes of functioning that are only creating what you DON’T want, and creating new modes of functioning.

This can only done in a solid base of inner power and Will development. If that’s not there and you don’t truly understand it, then no amount of “advanced energy exercises” will make you magnetic.

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