Seduction techniques… do they work?

A common question about sexual energy I receive is something like:

“Does X technique works in seduction?”

Where X can be any kind of popular seduction technique you can find online by searching google.

At the moment, there is an influx of seduction techniques and systems. I’m sure most of them have their merits and work well.

However, the true foundations of any type of seduction are not in the techniques.

It’s in the sexual energy inside of you.

As I keep on repeating:

“If you want to have sex, you need to be sexual.”

There’s a layer beneath the technique where you need to feel moved by sexual energy.

If you are blocking it, no amount of techniques will help you.

While if you allow it, most of the techniques will work for you.

I remember explaining this concept to a student of mine who is a professional dancer, and he told me:

“This is just like dancing. Technique only takes us so far. The real dancing begins when you’re actually feeling your partner and the music inside of you.”

That’s indeed a similar concept.

You can have a perfect dancing technique, yet not cause any kind of emotional effect on your partner or the audience.

The same way, you can learn thousands of seduction techniques, and they may even give you some fruits, but you’ll only have the off the charts type of results when you become a sexual man and allow the sexual energy to move you.

If you continue to block the sexual energy from your actions, behaviors and thoughts, regardless of the techniques you choose to use, you’ll never become a true seducer.

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