Self-Awareness and the True Will

A famous thinker called E.F. Schumacher, in his book, “A Guide for the Perplexed”, wrote:“It is not physical sleep that is the enemy of man; it is the drifting, wandering, shiftless moving of his attention that makes him incompetent, miserable, and less-than-fullyhuman. Without self-awareness, man merely imagines that he is in control of himself, that he has free will and is able to carry out his intentions.”

It’s a deep quote that encompasses different aspects of what we discuss in Charisma School. There are at least two points that stand out:

1) The importance of attention: if you are merely walking through life without knowing where you are looking, without having a bright and clear mind, then you are very far from realizing your true potential.

It’s great that you can develop the concentration practices that we shared on a previous video, but you need to use that same mental state on your everyday life.

As we’ve seen before, it’s of no use to only focus those 30 minutes a day, if you’re multitasking and
drifting away on the rest of your day.

2) The power of attention, as important as it is, it’s not enough to fulfill our potential. Self-awareness is another key.

This is the ability to know our true self without all the mental baggage. You need to cut through all the miscellanea of thoughts, feelings, mental ruminations, to go straight to the source of your true Will.

If this work is not done, then as Schumacher said, “man merely imagines that he his in control of himself”. To achieve true control, we must go a step beyond our thoughts and feelings.

True Inner Power, true free will, true conviction can only be achieved this way.

This is precisely what we work on the 10 Steps to Inner Power training course. To begin your journey start here:

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