Self-Defense and Magnetic Gaze

Here’s an interesting question from a student of the Magnetic Gaze:“Have you ever known anyone to use the power of the gaze in a life threatening self defense situation?”


More than one, and even with students involved in armed robbery.

The most curious case was a student and his girlfriend involved in an attempt of theft using a supposedly infected syringe.

He told me the guy trying to rob him was very nervous and sweating all over the place. So the first thing he did was using his gaze power, not in a way to overpower the robber – which he could have done easily – but in a way to calm him.

And so he did. He noticed the robber’s breathing reducing little by little as he talked his way out of a very sticky situation.

Then, his major focus was on influencing the robber to give him the syringe so he can throw it the trash and wouldn’t rob anyone else.

At the end of all this, he actually convinced the robber to join a rehab clinic.

I don’t know if the robber really joined or not. But at least this student avoided getting robbed and still tried to take a robber out of the streets (at least for a while!).

But it’s not so easy as it looks and it’s not something we recommend, especially on early stages.

You already need a firm mind control and powerful gaze influence in order to do something like this successfully.

It goes beyond the power of the gaze and enters also on the inner power and mind control.

In fact, in one sense, this can be harder to do, but in another, it can be easier, depending on your true measure of mind control and inner power.

If you easily lose control over yourself (ie. have little inner power), then you can’t develop the necessary mind power to use the gaze with. Then this kind of situation will be impossible for you and you’ll end up getting hurt.

BUT it can also be easier since if you can keep your cool and a steady “cold” mind and still use the big amount of energy and awareness produced by a dangerous situation, so you can actually be faster, stronger and more powerful in your magnetic influence.

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