Self-reinforcing magnetism

To develop any magnetic skills you need to add magnetic habits to your life.

Whether it relates to inner power, will, energy, projection, you want your daily life, mental, physical and energetic habits to REINFORCE your magnetism.

You don’t want the opposite. The biggest mistake you can make is to do your exercises in the morning and then think you’re done for the day. Now you only have to think about this again tomorrow morning in your exercise session.

No, not at all. You want to add habits to your life that build up these skills that you are training.

If you’re training sexual magnetism, you want to emphasize and develop it during your day, beyond the “morning exercises”.

Morning (or night) exercises are 100% essential and important since they allow you to place your awareness on things you wouldn’t notice in your day to day life. You are funneling your focus and experimenting with different things.

It’s a common experience to notice several aspects happening inside yourself that you haven’t noticed before.

And this is most efficiently done on the morning exercises.

But then, you want to take these new awarenesses and bring it to your daily life.

That’s the key.

It’s not just saying: “this is interesting” and then never thinking about it again.

No, it’s noticing it, and then bring it to the world, to your daily life.

Once you do it often enough, with small thing after small thing, before you notice, your magnetism is self-reinforcing. You no longer need exercises or any conscious effort.

Your magnetism reinforces itself during your day due to the many magnetic habits you implemented.

If each time you speak, you connect to a certain aspect of sexual energy, very soon sexual energy becomes a natural and unconscious part of all your communication and you reach the point you want to reach of self-reinforcement. No conscious effort to maintain it.

That’s the goal but it’s only attainable if you bring your efforts into the day to day life. Morning or night exercises are good but not enough.

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