Sending forth your energy

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson

“Thought-waves carry the vibrations of the mind sending them forth to great distances, or lesser ones, tending to set up similar vibrations in the minds of other persons within their field of force.

Thus a person feeling a strong degree of anger will pour forth waves of that degree of mental vibration, which, coming in contact with the brains of other persons, tend to set up a similar feeling or emotion and thus cause the person to “feel cross” or “peevish” or even to manifest a similar angry state of mind.

We all know how easily a fight is started by a very angry person in a room sending forth violent vibrations. One has but to remember the instances of mob violence to see how easily the “contagion of hate and anger” spread among people who allow themselves to be influenced. And not only is this true of undesirable emotions and feelings, but also of desirable ones.

The influence of a good man who happens to be strong mentally spreads among those around him, influencing them for good.

Orators, actors, preachers and teachers send forth strong mental currents which tend to produce mental conditions on the part of their hearers corresponding to the feeling held by the mind of the speaker. When you remember how this speaker swayed your feelings, or how that actor made you weep with
pity, shiver with fear, or laugh with joy, you will see how Mental Induction acts.”

One keyword that stands out on this quote is the “sending forth” the energy. Or externalize. Or project.

This projection is the key that will get others to feel (and be influenced) by your personal or sexual magnetism.

Yet, it’s not so easy.

I’ve often seen students trying to project energy while they are completely contracted or blocked.

In order to make others feel your sexual energy or your personal magnetism, you can’t be blocked and contracted inside.

Blockages or contracting your energy will prevent you from projecting the energy you want to project to the external world.

You will be projecting energy for sure, just not the one that you want. You will be projecting nervousness or anxious energy since that’s what your body and energy is experiencing.

This is not a rational thing. It’s an energetic one.

You need to differentiate what you want to project from what you are REALLY projecting. If you are feeling angry, then you can “think” yourself into projecting sexual energy but that’s not going to happen. At least until you fully change your internal state – mind AND body AND energy.

That’s why we created a training to identify and handle your own internal blockages:
>>> The Unblocking Process

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