Sexual Energy and Chakras

Here’s an interesting question regarding the energy work in Sexual Magnetism.“Great work, I was searching for this kind of material and found it. Earlier I had a natural inclination for such energy and projection but after some event, I simply lost it. I am doing you exercise and feeling the energy in me . But during the exercise my ajna chakra(forehead chakra) starts to tense up real bad and its like a vortex forming there sucking deep amount of energy. Why is that?”

The experience of a vortex is normal. As you probably know, the chakras although their Sanskrit word means something like a wheel or a circle, the deeper meaning of it was always a vortex of energy.

The sucking up of the energy and the tensing is an interesting experience.

But what is often hard to grasp regarding the energy is that the energy moves where the attention goes. All the energetic traditions say the same thing.

Most of the energy blocks and issues are easily released by placing more attention and awareness in them, and having an active energy movement instead of allow them passively to just be.

In other words, if it’s sucking a deep amount of energy, you are allowing it to behave that way.

And if you don’t want it to behave this way, you can start by placing a more active attention and Will in it, you can willfully fix this issue by relaxing the ajna chakra and allow it to expand the energy instead of sucking it in.

We can’t be just passive receptors of the energy, we are active beings and as such, we can and MUST use our Will in order to transform the energy into what we want it to become.

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Sexual Magnetism

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