Sexual Energy and Charisma

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:“does transmutation of sexual energy has an effect on charisma?”

Let’s first define what is “transmutation of sexual energy”. Transmutation is nothing more than using this powerful energy for a different purpose, chosen by you.

Many people do this unconsciously, they transmute this energy into their own work or for their own creative impulses.

This is usually done unconsciously. But if it’s done unconsciously, then they have no control over it. “Inspiration” for work or art can come and go. Very few people know how to consciously do this. They just have an outlet of energy they need to get rid of.

So some people do this unconscious transmutation, others release it, others repress it (and end up developing a whole range of bodily and mental problems).

In Charisma School, we take a smarter route and learn how to use it for our own purposes.

Now, does this sexual energy transmutation has an effect on charisma?

My answer is simple… it depends! If you are transmuting this energy to be able to work more or to have a better creative inspiration, then your charisma might suffer. After all, you are channeling all these energies to some creative outlet.

To be able to increase you charisma, you need to channel it to sexual magnetism (or for your own personal magnetism). It’s a different purpose than using it for your own work, healing, creative
aspects, and so on.

This is precisely what we do in the Sexual Magnetism training course. More information here:

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