Sexual Energy and Making Money

Here’s a question from a reader of this newsletter:“Can u use sexual energy to make money?”

As you might imagine this is not the primary focus of the way we teach sexual energy, which is used for sexual attraction and improving social situations.

There’s obviously not a direct relation from sexual energy to making money aside from the obvious way of selling sex for money(!).

But considering this is not an acceptable form of making money for you, sexual energy can be used in an indirect form for your business activities.

Since sexual energy attracts everyone to you and make you more likable (to both men and women), business opportunities are bound to appear.

Others will trust and open up to you more as long as your sexual energy is strong.

And if your mind is fixed on business opportunities and making money, the sexual energy will be your conductor for this goal.

This not only does it work with the opposite sex but it also works with people from the same sex, even if they are not gay, they will be much more close to you and want to become your friends.

As I’ve mentioned before, sexual energy is sexual energy. You don’t choose the attraction, you don’t choose the gender. You simply radiate an intense sexuality, and the same way bugs are attracted to light, so everyone else will be attracted to you without discrimination.

But be warned that by using sexual energy for business purposes, you can also create delicate
situations since it’s much more likely the other person will confuse business with pleasure due to the intense radiation of sexual energy you are emitting.

For business purposes, winning negotiations and making money, personal magnetism or the magnetic gaze is a much more suitable energy to use.

Learn how to unleash sexual energy with the training course Sexual Energy Mastery:

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